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Industry: Aluminium
Industry: Aluminium


When manufacturing aluminium in primary smelters, air purification is required in many other areas in addition to aspiration and gas treatment in electrolytic cells. The ENTECCOgroup supplies air purification systems for:

  • The anode area
  • Anode production
  • The rodding shop
  • Anode furnaces
  • Smelting furnace extraction
  • Treatment furnaces
  • Processing chips
  • Loading stations
  • Heat recovery/REKU

Various smelting equipment is used to manufacture secondary aluminium.
This includes:

  • Rotary drum lid furnace
  • Holding and treatment furnaces
  • Processing chips
  • ”Loading stations”

Due to the air contamination that is typical for the relevant process, toxic and acidic harmful gases or hydrocarbon compounds must also be cleaned from the flue gas in addition to particulate dusts. The additive-fed entrained flow process is used for this. The process engineering that this requires has basic characteristics that remove these applications from a common dust removal system.