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Industry: Cement
Industry: Cement

Cement, chalk and plaster

Cement is manufactured in extensive, industrial production plants that require numerous suitable aspiration and dust removal systems. In cement production in particular, the gas temperatures are very high and there are corresponding toxic substances in the gas; these substances require a great deal of expertise for safe technical handling.  


This includes:

  • Producing raw materials, preparation, mixing plants, crushers
  • Clinker coolers, rotary furnaces, roasting furnaces
  • Coal grinding plants, coal grinding and drying plants, raw mills
  • Bypass systems, evaporation coolers
  • Electric filter modifications, secondary fuel inlets
  • Material handling, silos
  • Further processing, loading, packing


The scope of our systems covers the entire range of required dust removal technologies, such as:

  • Small, decentralised filters, e.g. for belt transfer points and silo dust removal
  • Large, traditional hose filter systems with compressed air cleaning for high air volumes and high temperatures
  • Associated equipment such as the gas conditioning tower
  • Lay-flat hose filters with purge air cleaning
  • Conveyor systems
  • Hall ventilation and aeration systems