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Industry: Machining
Industry: Machining


The things required of us within the machining sector could not be more different and demanding: Moving materials from A to B, feeding substances correctly into the exact point in the production process, conveying cuttings away, moving scrap short distances for disposal or recycling. When it comes to conveyance technology in the broadest sense, we will do virtually everything possible for your company. This is because this sector is one of the longest standing specialist fields of our experts. Benefit from a complete service: from consultation to the trial run.

We construct perfect systems for conveying mixtures of chips and lubricants from production for separation,  preparation and recycling. In order to be able to carry out the entire task to the highest quality, we are happy to include the most important components as required: Drag chain conveyor technology, rinsing channels, steel construction,  as well as containers and troughs.

  • Transporting chips
  • Cutting fluid and MLQ filtration
  • Oil dust extraction
  • Mechanical conveyance technology
  • heat recovery
  • Individual and central systems