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Compact bag filter with compressed air cleaning


The LTG AEROB AAS AERSTAR is a bag filter with fully-automated compressed air cleaning. It does not disperse dust, but filters it reliably.
While the system is in operation, compressed air and secondary air that is drawn in are blasted into the insides of the filter bags using the counter current process. The inertia forces discharge the dust that is stuck to the filter bag’s outer surface. At the same time, the air that is injected moves large quantities of the dust that is in the fine needle felt to the outside. This process is repeated in precisely adjustable intervals from filter bag to filter bag. The compressed air of 6 bar that is required for this is low in comparison to the raw gas volume that is pushed through.
The effective compressed air requirement is 0,02 - 0,3 m3/h angesaugte Kompressorluft pro m2 of the filter surface depending on the dust quantity and type. It is important to select the correct compressed air cleaning intervals in relation to the dust concentration. Our Pulstronic microprocessor control does this for you automatically.


Easy access

The filter bags are fixed securely to a front plate but the clamping elements are easy to release. They can be removed and installed easily by one person thanks to the cleaning space with its large maintenance doors. The membrane valves and the compressed air reservoirs are also easy to access. We can also supply an optional quick change system for filter bags, which provides time savings of 80%.