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Coolers and heat recovery systems

Mass coolers
Temperatures of up to 500°C can occur in metallurgic processes. If these temperatures only occur for a short time, connecting a mass cooler (that also serves the purpose of a spark separator) upstream absorbs these temperatures so that cost-effective filter materials can be used.

Evaporation coolers
Ideal in flue gas cleaning for example. By injecting a very fine water fog into the hot process gas, the gas flow and dust particles can be cooled to discharge temperatures of 130-140°C before they access the downstream filter system.

Surface coolers
Our surface coolers have an online cleaner and are optimised to be used for heat recovery.

Surface coolers are equipped with cooling elements that are installed horizontally. The raw gas that is to be cooled and that is loaded with dust flows outside around the cooling elements and the clean cooling air is fed into the cross flow to do this.

Rotation heat exchanger
The rotation heat exchanger (also known as rotating air-to-air heat exchanger) transfers the energy between the two air flows using a rotor as a fixed store. Due to the rotation movement, the air flow through the rotor alternates between hot exhaust gas from one direction and the cold outside air from the other direction.