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Dry sorption systems

Typ TurboDry/GARANTsorp

Our dry sorption systems can be installed downstream in various types of incinerators such as for biomass or remnants incineration, refuse or combined heat and power stations, as well as for sintering plants in the steel industry. We also use our sorption systems for secondary production of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium or copper.

As the way in which additives such as hydrated lime or sodium bicarbonate are fed in is optimised, hydrochloric acid or sulphur oxides (SO2/SO3) can be absorbed from the flue gas.

The same also applies to injecting activated coal or coke to separate dioxins, furans or heavy metals.

Our product range is complemented by using evaporation coolers, static and dynamic mixing reactors and the corresponding silos with the additive dosing stations.