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High performance and standard cyclones

For even higher filter performance

The ENTECCOgroup’s cyclones or centrifugal force separators stand out due to their extremely low pressure losses. Each cyclone is designed individually according to the application and can also be fitted with pressure relief surfaces if required.

ENTECCOgroup cyclones

  • High performance cyclones as pre-separators before the filter systems. (Type: TurboCyclone, also in multiple cyclone groups) (1.400 bis 1.000.000 Bm³/h)
  • Multi-cyclones with separation degrees of more than 99%
  • High pressure cyclones to be installed directly in pneumatic conveyor systems with high material flows in the conveying air
  • TurboSpark horizontal cyclone spark separator for glowing or smouldering particles (10.000 bis 1.000.000 Bm³/h
  • Skimmer to be installed directly in the piping (up to 250.000 Bm³/h)
  • Spinning separator to be installed directly in the piping (up to 220.000 Bm³/h)
  • TurboGlow spark eliminator to be installed directly in the piping. Sparks are extinguished by hitting the pipe walls but are not isolated