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Hose filters installed in a line

LHS, JCLF type

High quality modular hose filters that can be installed in a line, also with ATEX conformity.

This tried and tested filter type with a mature cleaning system is regenerated or cleaned in pulses using compressed air and is therefore also known as the jet compressed air line filter (JCLF). Effective and economical compressed air cleaning is carried out via special air jet pipes and a Venturi nozzle at the inlet in the filter hose.

The filter housing and pan are built from panels that are smooth on the inside. The material and wall thickness for the filter design are adjusted to the appropriate requirements. Various wear designs, in particular in the raw gas inlet area and at the material discharge point are included in the standard system.

Use in explosive environments (e.g. the interior zone 20, Außen-Zone 22) also comes as standard in the designs with ATEX conformity.

Mature, standardised filter cleaning controllers that are controlled by microprocessors open up numerous options for optimising continuous operation, e.g. online/offline, forced cleaning, pre-coating, secondary cleaning.


Filter hose lengths

  • 1.125 mm
  • 2.250 mm
  • 3.375 mm
  • 4.500 mm
  • 5.000 mm
  • 6.000 mm