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Lay-flat hose filter

The lay-flat hose filter works with flat filter elements that are arranged horizontally. Thanks to a raw gas space that is fully welded to the clean gas space which is mounted to be suitable for transport, the compact filter is completely gas-tight and can also be used for hot gas applications. Different filter media for the appropriate application situations guarantees clean gas values that are significantly below the legal requirements.

Our modular construction with variable hose lengths enables individual planning with throughput quantities of up to 450.000 m³/h per filter unit.


ENTECCO supplies three alternative models for this:

  1. S type with low pressure cleaning
  2. D type with stationary compressed air cleaning
  3. P type with mobile compressed air cleaning

The benefits of the products:

  • Energy efficient filters
  • Optimised filter absorption area
  • Inspection in virtual penthouse
  • Accessibility optimised for servicing
  • Low priced assembly
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Corrosion-resistant thanks to improved insulation concept