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Extension / performance adjustment

Due to changed production processes, a filter system often needs to be extended. Our modular manufacturing technology allows you to increase the filter performance even after many years. The rebuilding tasks are co-ordinated with each other and carried out by our team. We are happy to complement this task with a retrofit package, particularly for older systems. In this way, our customers receive the latest technology with the newest
components from the GARANT development department at the same time as extending their system.


Modernise your systems with the latest technology: quickly, reliably and effectively! At the start of every retrofit project, we carry out a careful on-site analysis of the filter system.


Regular readings enable development trends on the status of the filter system to be captured. Output readings, gas analyses, dust readings and dust analyses, as well as filter material inspections are also part of our range of services. GARANT-Filter uses the latest diagnostic meters for this.